stronger than yesterday

I'm Natalie, i'm quite, shy, and have very few friends. I'm just an average girl really, but theres a lot more to me, than meets the eye. you make think you know me but believe me, you don't, the only way to really know me is through this blog. you will learn more about who i am then you will ever know on facebook or twitter. people like to judge on those sites so i don't always speak my mind, but on here your in for a wild ride. through every picture, quote, and text i put up on here, you will learn something about me, everything has a hidden meaning, its up to you to figure out what it means to me. i've been through a lot but not many people know my past. if you do than that means i trust you enough so i'll share my secrets. i'm a broken girl, who's hit a rock bottom before but now this girl learning to rise above it all and stand tall, like a skyscraper. and if you haven't already noticed, i love demi lovato, she's a huge inspriation to me, the reason why i'm alive really... everyday is like recovery to me, sometimes I'm strong and sometimes I crack, I'm not perfect, thats for sure. if you deal with the same things i do, follow me, maybe we can help each other